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The Healthcare Security Cast

Mar 2, 2021

Are you considering a transition from Law Enforcement to Security?
On this episode Brine is joined by Michael D'Angelo. Mike share his experience transitioning to healthcare security after completing his dream job working for a local law enforcement agency. Mike shares what was surprising about the transition, how he overcame the challenges and who was in his corner, industry association that were helpful and he also discusses the transition from security professional to security consultant. This was another fun interview, hope you enjoy and find value in it.
Mike's Book "From Police to Security Professional: A Guide to a Successful Career Transition":
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Special Mentions: Karim Vellani, Paul Mains, Bryan Warren, William Marcisz, Marilyn Hollier, Lisa Terry, Mark Reed, Jonathan Westall, Mike Hodges, Paul Sarnese, Tony York, Don MacAlister, Todd Milne, IAHSS and ASIS
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